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#K-437Fast Reactor Materials Properties

Application of Structural Materials Data from the BN-350 Fast Reactor to Life Extension of Light Water Reactors

#K-512Cesium Trap for BN-350 Reactor

Develop, Install, and Operate a Cesium Trap, Based on the U.S. Technologies, to Reduce Cesium Levels in the BN-350 Primary Sodium and Enhance Plant Fire Protection Capabilities to Support Cesium Trap Operation

#K-664Welding of Irradiated Reactor Materials

Influence of High-Dose Neutron Irradiation on the Weldability of the BN-350 Fast Nuclear Reactor Materials

#K-812.2Fuel Assembly Materials under Dry Storage

Behavior of Nuclear Reactor Fuel Assembly Materials during Their Long-Term Dry Storage

#K-969Scaled-Down Simulation of BN-350 Sodium Coolant Processing Facility

Design and Development of a Scaled-Down Simulation Complex of Automated Control and Dataware System for BN-350 Sodium Coolant Processing Workflow

#K-970Development of Technology of Sodium Hydroxide Processing into Geocement Stone

Development of Experimental-Industrial Technology of Radioactive Waste Processing into Geocement Stone and Equipment for its Realization