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#A-087High-Gradient Waveguide

The Development of Theoretical Basis for the Construction of High-Gradient Waveguide and Cavity Accelerating Structures.

#A-093Infrared Lidar

Infrared Laser System Development and Remote Investigation of Atmospheric Pollution.

#A-169Gamma Source at Yerevan Synchrotron

Quasimonochromatic and Polarized Gamma Radiation Source at Yerevan Synchrotron

#A-230Large Laser Crystalls Production

Investigation of Crystallization Processes and Development of Large Slab Elements by HDC Method

#A-283Cherencov Waveguide Laser

High Accelerating Gradient Cavity Module's and Cherenkov-Waveguide Laser's Prototypes Development, Manufacturing and Testing

#A-934Microsecond Technological Laser

Development of Pulse Solid-State Laser of Microsecond Duration and Investigation of Its Applicability in Materials Processing