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#A-1638Extremely High Frequency Radiation Effects an Water Properties

The Comparative Study of Low Intensity Millimeter Wave, Terahertz and Infrared Effects on Physicochemical Properties of Water and Water Solutions

#A-1659Hydrogels with Sensitivity to Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

The Application of Hydrogel as Non-Ionizing Radiation Sensor

#A-1750Microwaves Effect on Calcium-Dependent Channels

The Study of Metabolic Pathway of Microwaves Effect on Calcium-Dependent Potassium Channels in Neurons and T Lymphocytes

#A-1757Antibacterial Effects of Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Peroxide

The Study of the Mechanisms of Carbon Dioxide-Induced Elevation of Hydrogen Peroxide Toxicity on Microbes and the Possibility of Using these Phenomena as an Innovative Tool for Water Purification

#A-1772Pathogenic Microorganisms in Beef

A New Approach for Elimination of Pathogenic Microorganisms in Beef

#A-1778Seeds Germination under the Influence of Electromagnetic Field

The Study of the Activation Effect of 15 Hz Frequency LF EMF On Barley and Wheat Seeds Germination Potential

#A-1780Aging-Induced Memory Loss

The Primary Role of Brain Tissue Hydration in Aging-Induced Memory Loss in Rats

#A-1789Cell dehydration Role in Cancer Risk

The Study of the Primary Role of Aging-Induced Cell Dehydration in the Increase of Cancer Risk

#A-1795Electromagnetic Fields Effects on Water

The Study of the Mechanisms of Infrasound (IS)- and ELF EMF- Induced Modulation of Non Thermal Effect of Millimeter Wave (MMW) on Water and Water Solution Properties

#A-1796Device for the Definition of the Starting Time of Ovulation

Elaboration of a Device for the Definition of the Starting Time of Ovulation of Woman