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#0714Water Impurities Transportation

Physical and Mathematical Models for the Calculation of the Impurities Transport under the Migration of Underground Waters

#1684Filter Test Expert System

Development of Expert System on Pumping Test Interpretation

#1724Pollution Distribution in Aeration Zone

Physical and Chemical Hydrodynamics of Pollution Distribution in Soil Aeration Zone: Computer Simulation and Structure Models

#2364Oil Recovery in Clayey Pools

Research into Physical and Mineralogical Mechanism of Oil Recovery Decrease in Clayey Oil Pools

#3225Processes of Formation and Evolution of Karst

Numerical Model Development for Phenomena Going Along with Karst Formation and Evolution Processes

#3868Clots in Blood Vessels

Study and Modeling of the Development of Clots in Blood Vessels and the Resultant Abnormalities in Hemodynamics

#4046Ecological Passport of a Territory

Development of the Aero-Hydro-Geo-Ecological Model of a Territory