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#G-2209System for Protection from Explosions

Automated System for Protection from Accidental Explosions in Underground Structures

#G-2413Technology of producing of master alloys from manganese processing waste

Processing of manganese production waste into master alloys utilizing an environment-friendly SHS technology

#K-1233Temperature Anomalies at the Former Semipalatinsk Test Site

A Comprehensive Study of Temperature Anomalies at the Former Semipalatinsk Test Site

#K-1343Plasma-Fuel Systems

Development of Autonomous Plasma-Fuel Systems and Coal-Fired Power Boiler Modernization

#K-1384Plasma Technology for Basalt Fiber Production

Technology Development and Implementation of Basalt Fiber Production Based on Three-Phase Electromagnetic Plasma Reactor

#K-1456Smokeless Coal Briquette

Development of a Smokeless Ecologically-Friendly Coal Briquette Technology

#K-1494Materials for Lithium Batteries

Synthesis of Nanostructured Electrode Materials for Advanced Lithium Batteries

#K-178Carbon Containing Materials

Using of Carbon Containing Materials for Purification of Sewage Disposal and Industrial Gas Ejection

#K-1960Soil Fertility Increase

Soil Fertility Increase by the Improvement of Structural Aggregates under the Application of Biochar and Fertilizers in Vegetable and Grain Crop Rotation

#K-2326Statistical modeling of turbulent diffusion combustion

Statistical modeling of turbulent diffusion combustion under the intermittency conditions. Mathematical model for calculation of carbon dioxide concentration


Development of technology for the manufacture of medical devices based on honeycomb carbon adsorbents for extracorporeal blood purification

#K-2369Road Bitumen Adhesion

Road Bitumen Adhesion to Stone Materials at Low Temperatures

#K-2372Silicon for the photovoltaic

Science and Technology of Solar Silicon Production from Sarykol Quartz and Silicon Oxide – Solar Silicon Structures for Photovoltaic Application

#K-481Clean Coal Technologies

Ecologically Clean Waste Free Coal Technology for Power Plant with Complex Utilization of Coal

#K-746Plasma Technologies for Fuel Processing

Plasma Technologies of Solid Fuels Processing for Power Engineering and Metallurgy