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#0777Production of Radionuclides and Radiopharmaceuticals

Development of Research Methods for WWR-c Nuclear Reactor Application in the Chemistry and Ecologically Sound Technology for Production of Radionuclides and Radionuclide-Based Organ-Selective Radiopharmaceuticals

#1059Neutron Therapy

Feasibility Study for the Creation of a Neutron Therapy Centre on the Basis of Nuclear Reactors

#1497Measuring and Information Complex for Atmospheric Pollutions

Manufacturing and Field Tests of Data-Measuring Complex for Monitoring Mesoscale Dispersion of Pollutants as a Base for Conducting East-West European Tracer Experiment (EW-ETEX) to Verify Prognostic Models of Long-Range Transport of Hazardous Atmospheric

#1630Stable Radiation Resistant Semiconductor

High-stable Radiation Resistant Semiconductors

#3029Radiation and Nitrides

Radiation Effects in Semiconductor III-Nitrides

#3870Wide-Band Semiconductor Detectors

Neutron Detectors Based on III-Nitride Semiconductors