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#0082New Polymers

Preparation of structurally uniform poliazaporfines and network polymers of propiolate and propargilate type for development of new functional materials and sensors.

#0625Chemical Sensors for Environment

Elaboration of Precise Chemical Sensors and Analytical Equipment on their Basis for the Control of the Gas and Liquid Environment

#1730Nitric Oxide Monitoring in Exhaled Air

Creation of an Instrument for Monitoring the Nitric Oxide (No) Content in Exhaled Air and Its Test in Treatment Process of Asthmatic Patients (in Medical Practice)

#1838Polimer Micro-sensors

Chemical Micro-sensors with Polyazaporphine Sensitive Layers

#2778Sensors and Instruments for Infectious Diseases Diagnostics

The Study and Selection of Bioreceptors and Transducers and Development of Sensors and Instruments on Their Basis for Immunoassay by the Example of Diagnosis of the Forest-Spring Encephalitis

#3209Chronic Diseases of Respiratory Organs Diagnostics

Diagnostics and Analyser of Respiratory Organs Inflammation Activity at Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Bronchial Asthma and Tuberculosis Using Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide Content in Biosubstrates