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#0008Missile/Seismic Mathematics

Conversion of expertise in missile navigation to mathematical geophysics, and particularly to the problems of ecology and natural hazards.

#0415Global Seismic Monitoring

Application of R&D in Military Aviation Systems to problems of Monitoring of Global Seismicity with the Aim of Mitigation of Damages Caused by Disastrous Earthquakes.

#1293Nonlinear Problems in Earth Science

Conversion of R&D in Missile Navigation to Nonlinear Problems in Earth Science

#1538Monitoring and Prediction of Seismotectonic Processes

Using of Research Potential in the Field of Aviation Technologies for Modeling, Monitoring, and Prediction of Seismotectonic Processes

#1539Satellite-aided Small Aperture Seismic Array

Development of Satellite Small Aperture Seismic Array for Real Time Monitoring of Regional Seismicity

#2996Instability in Lithosphere and in Society

Nonlinear Problems in Earth Sciences and Socio-Economic Studies

#3816Earthquake Early Warning

Development of Methods and Algorithms for Automatic Real Time Identification of Waveforms Introduction from Local Earthquakes in Increased Level of Man-induced Noises for the Purposes of Ultra-short-term Warning about an Occured Earthquake.