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#T-1159Malaria Mosquitoes of Tajikistan

Complex Study of Malaria Mosquitoes and Their Natural Enemies, Elaboration of Measures on Regulation of Number of Mosquitoes in Southern Regions of Tajikistan

#T-1594Murine Rodents in Central Tajikistan

Ecology-Episotologic Monitoring of Murine Rodents as Basis Carriers Parasitic and Infection Diseases in Central Tajikistan

#T-1911Study of Leishmaniasis in Tajikistan

Epidemiological Characteristic of Leishmaniasis in Tajikistan, as the Basis for Rationalization of Preventive Measures

#T-1924Ixodidae Ticks in Tajikistan

Complex Study of Ixodidae Ticks - Tick-borne Rickettsiosis Natural Vectors and Recommendations Development on Regulation of Ticks Number in Central and Southern Tajikistan

#T-2068Reconstruction of vivarium

Reconstruction of vivarium for breeding and keeping small animals for further use in bacteriological researches

#T-2107Main transmitting agents of tularemia

Study and epizootological research of main carriers and transmitting agents of tularemia in Republic of Tajikistan