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#3804Hydroelectric Potential of Central Asia Rivers

Development of a System of Informational Support of Accepting Intergovernmental Agreements on Using River Water-Power Resources of Central Asia (by the Example of the Syrdarya River)

#T-1149Assimilation of Aluminum Hydride

Assimilation of Substandard Component of Solid Rocket Fuel (Aluminum Hydride) for Expansion of New Inorganic Materials Class

#T-1261Extraction of Carbon Nanostructures from Sludge

Extraction of Nanostructural Carbon Materials from Wastes of Manufactory Aluminum by Electrolysis

#T-1627Sorption Properties of Natural Flints

Investigation of the Sorption Properties of Natural Flints and Flint Water Aiming at Removing Radionuclides and Toxic Agents from Natural Objects and Organisms

#T-1815Water Division in Central Asia

Solution on the Problem of Conflict to Water Division through Computer Simulation and Developing Optimal Scenarios of Water Use in Central Asia Transboundry Basins

#T-1917Wind and Hydropower Resources in Tajikistan

Monitoring and Assessment of Mutual Supplementary Wind and Hydropower Resources for Management of Water Resources of Tajikistan

#T-2038Food security and adaptation of agricultural crops

The impact of Climate change and Agroclimatic resources on maintenance of Food Security and creation of adaptation mechanisms