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#0355Fire and Explosive Safety

Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Filtration Ignition and Development of a Set of Criteria of Fire and Explosion Safety at Some Industrial and Agricultural Enterprises.

#0602Self-Propagating Synthesis of Materials

Formation of Inhomogeneous Structural and Designing Composite and Gradient Materials in Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS).

#0877Gasless Combustion of Solid Fuel Mixtures

Investigation of the Macrokinetics and Energy of Self-Oscillatory Processes of Gasless Combustion of Solid Fuel Mixtures Proposed for the Design of Short-Term Thermal and Electrical Sources

#3053Combustion Mode for Radioactive Waste Immobilization

The Development of a Method for Fixation and Compaction of Radioactive High-Level Waste in Combustion Mode

#A-545Polymeric Composite Materials

Frontal Radical Homo- and Co-Polymerization of the Crystalline Powdery Monomers and Formation of Diverse Polymeric Disperse-Filled Composition Materials

#G-1553Composites with Improved Properties

Development and Synthesis of New Composites with High Operation and Economic Characteristics