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#1156Energy Rich Materials

Development and Basic Study of Intercalated Energy Rich Materials and Strong Oxidizers

#1596Aluminium Industry Waste Reprocessing

Development of Complex Technology for Reprocessing Aluminium Industry Harmful Waste with Separation of High-Pure Gallium and Copper Accompanying Products

#1872Remediation Program for Karabash City Region

Working out a Program of Remediation and Development of the City of Karabash by Implementing Technologies for Recovery of Its Technogenic Resources

#2843Nanocrystalline Oxides and Carbides of Transition Metals

Nanocrystalline Oxides and Carbides of Transition Metals. Synthesis, Properties and Application

#3923Ultrasonic Technology of Purification of Acid Mine Waters

Development of Ultrasonic Equipment and Typical Complex Technology for Deep Purification of Acid Mine Waters (AMW) in the Regions of Extraction and Reprocessing of Mineral Resources (Using Urals as Example)