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#A-107Sensitive Microwave Receivers

Development of Highly Sensitive Microwave Receivers for Radio Astronomy, Meteorology and Earthquake Forecasting

#A-1268Semiconductor Heterostructures with Quantum Dots

New Technology of Production of High Density And Homogeneity Quantum Dots by Pulsed Laser Deposition Method

#A-1377Zeolites Filters for Aerosols Decontamination

Preparation of Highly Effective Filtering Materials for Decontamination of Aerosols Based on Zeolites and Development of a Work Cycle for their Manufacture

#A-1447Thermostable Spin Valves

Development of NiMn Spin Valves with Improved Exchange Field and Higher Thermal Stability

#A-1451Computing Grid for South Caucasus Region

Development of Scientific Computing Grid on the Base of Armcluster for South Caucasus Region

#A-1544Spectrometer for Detecting Skin Cancer

Design and Practical Application of the THz Spectrometer for Detecting Skin Cancer

#A-1576Therapy of Radiation-Thermal Defeats

Method Treatment of Combined Radiation – Thermal Affections by HeNe and Ruby Lasers in a Magnetic Field and Application of Silver-Based Remedy Obtained by Laser Photolysis

#A-1638Extremely High Frequency Radiation Effects an Water Properties

The Comparative Study of Low Intensity Millimeter Wave, Terahertz and Infrared Effects on Physicochemical Properties of Water and Water Solutions

#A-1695Transparent Conductive Nanomaterials for Solar Cell

Nanotubes / Diamond Like Carbon Composite Transparent Conductive Material for Solar Cell and Conductive Coating Applications

#A-1788Laser Therapy of Radiation-Thermal Affection

The Effective Methods of Antibioterrorizm at Burn Wounds as a Risk Factor of the Radiation – Thermal Affection

#A-1965Radiation Effects in Inhomogeneous Systems

Radiation effects in inhomogeneous systems: Application in beam diagnostics and THz sources

#A-2174Multifunction geophysical observatory for water spaces

Multifunction observatory for geophysical investigations in water spaces

#A-2241Magneto-plasmonic thin films with large Faraday rotation

Perovskite and garnet based magneto-plasmonic thin films with large Faraday rotation: Application in imaging, spintronics and etc.

#A-611Laser Epitaxy for Semiconductor Technology

New Technology of Preparation of High Stoichiometric Semiconducting Structures and Solid Solutions by the Method of Laser Pulse Epitaxy

#A-652Highly Sensitive MW and IR Radiometers

Development and Manufacturing of High-Sensitivity Microwave and Infrared Equipment for Rescue Operations During Disasters, Agriculture and Forensic Expertise

#A-773Armenian NPP Effect on Environment

Net Effect of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant on Environment and Population in the Background of Global Radioactive Fallouts

#A-826Low Frequency Field Effects on Industrial Microbes

The Molecular and Cellular Study of ELF EMF Effect on the Functional Activity and Biotechnological Properties of Industrial Microbes

#A-872Polarimetric Measurements of Snow, Soil and Vegetation

Polarimetric, Active-Passive, Combined Measurements of Snow, Bare Soil, Wheat and Herbaceous Vegetation at L-, C-, and X-band Frequencies

#A-890Low Field Effects on Cellular Membrane

The Study of the Membrane Target for Extremely Low-frequency Electromagnetic Field (ELF EMF)