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#1041Decontamination of Radio-Isotopes Polluted Soils

Development of Scientific Basis for Decontamination of Soils, Contaminated as a Result of Chernobyl Accident

#2082Radiation Damage to the Thyroid at Iodine Deficiency

Radiation Damage to the Thyroid for the Population in Areas with a Varying Level of Iodine Deficiency

#B-324Belorussian Population Risk on Chernobyl Effected Areas

Health Risk Assessment in Belarus after Chernobyl NPP Accident

#B-567Treatment of Liquid Radioactive Waste with Organic Components

Development and Test of Technology for Treatment of Liquid Radioactive Waste Containing Organic Substances

#B-769Radionuclides Transboundary Transfer

Analyses and Prognoses of Aquatic Transboundary Transfer of Radionuclides in the Case of Accidents at the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant

#B-831Genetic Non-stability under Environmental Impact

Regularities of Induction and Realization of Genetic Non-stability under the Combined Effect of Ionizing Irradiation and Ecological Factors of Non-radiation Nature