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#0437Protons Channeling in Crystals

Investigation of Channeling of High Energy Protons and Other Charged Particles in Bent Single Crystals of Heavy Metals and Development of High-Efficiency particle Extraction from Accelerators.

#0447Diamond Detector

Research & Development of Diamond Detector Technology.

#1367Single Crystal Synthetic Diamond

Research and Development of Single Crystal Synthetic Diamond Technologies and Devices

#1471Resonant Molecular-Nuclear Fusion

Resonant Molecular-Nuclear Fusion, Relevant Aspects of Single Bubble Sonoluminescence, and New-Type Picosecond-Pulse Light Sources

#1665Alkali Metals Spectrum

Phonon Spectrum Investigation of Alkali Metals at External Pressure Corresponding to Anomalous Range of Electrical Resistance by Means of Inelastic Neutron Scattering

#2140Relativistic Particle Interactions with Tungsten Crystals

Investigations of Relativistic Charged Particle Interactions with Tungsten Crystals and Development of Monochromatic X-ray Source

#2402Monograph on Using Internal Beam Targets

Preparation and Composition of a Monograph “Use of Internal Targets for Physics Experiments and Nonperturbative Diagnostics of Particle Beams”

#2594Phonon Spectrum in Alkali Metals at High Pressure

Inelastic Neutron Scattering Investigation of Alkali Metals at High Pressure

#2728Radiation Detectors on Base of TlBr Crystal

Development of Single Crystal TlBr Radiation Detectors (Thallium Bromide)

#3205Exotic Multiquark Systems

Experimental Verification of the NN-decoupled Dibaryon Resonance d*1(1956) Production in Proton-Proton Collisions Below the Pion Production Threshold

#3509Multi-Functional Semiconductor Detector

Multi-Functional Semiconductor Radiation Detector

#3771Fusion in Cavitation

Nuclear Fusion under the Action of Cavitation

#3894Model of Soil and Sediment Dynamics

Development of a Model of Soil and Sediment Redistribution Using of Nuclear-Physical Methods of Analysis