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#A-1055Familial Mediterranean Fever

The Role of Intestinal Microflora on the Pathogenesis Familial Mediterranean Fever

#A-1227Crohn’s Disease

Gut Microbiota Composition in Crohn's Disease Patients

#A-1633Nonproliferation and Threat Reduction Cooperation

NATO-MATRIX (Nonproliferation and Threat Reduction Cooperation)

#A-1646Drugs to Treat Alzheimer Disease

Development and Study of Pharmacologically Active Compounds to Treat/Prevent Alzheimer Disease

#A-1662Monitoring of Blood-Sucking Flies

Molecular Genetic Monitoring of Blood-Sucking Flies (Diptera) as a Basis for Biological Control of Vectors of Dangerous Infectious Diseases and Precautions Against the Acts of Biological Terrorism

#A-1727Microbial Community in Familial Mediterranean Fever

Microbial Community as a Pathogenic Factor in Autoinflammatory Disorder-Familial Mediterranean Fever

#A-1764Antitumor and Radiomodifying Organometallic Copper Complexes

Novel Radiomodifying and Antitumor Agents: Research and Development of New Radiomodifying and Antitumor Organometallic Copper Complexes

#A-1948Biodiversity of probiotic microorganisms of Armenia

Genotyping of Health-Promoting Microorganisms Biodiversity in Regions of Active Longevity in Armenia: a Basis for Drug Design and Functional Nutrition Production of a New Generation

#A-2043Organic Copper Complexes

Organic Copper Complexes for Radiation Protection and Cancer Therapy: From Research to Market

#A-2116Chemoprotection against mycotoxicoses

Schiff base cyclic amino acid derivatives for chemoprotection against damaging action of mycotoxins

#A-2140Phage therapy against MDR Salmonella infections

Targeted elimination of multidrug-resistant (MDR) Salmonella by bacteriophages

#A-232Quantum Effects in Photoelectric Conversion

Influence of Two-Dimentional and Quantum-Size Subbands on the Efficiency of Photovoltaic Conversion of Solar Energy on the Semiconductor-Liquid Interface

#A-676Monitoring of Water Reservoirs in Armenia

Pollution Level Estimation of Water Reservoirs in Armenia Based on the Analysis of Zooplankton. Regional Monitoring and Management

#A-682Action of Damaging Factors on an Organism of Mammals

Studies on the Damaging Action of Extreme Physical-Chemical Factors on the Functioning of Mammal Nervous, Immune, Haemopoietic Systems and the Protective Influence of Some Biologically Active Compounds

#A-732Diagnosis and Regulation of Human Intestinal Microflora

Human Intestinal Microflora and Microbiological Aspect of Its Regulation during Diseases of Digestive Tract

#G-2405“One Health-One Medicine” approach by use of bacteriophages

Development of the universal phage-based preparation against human and animal pathogens: Salmonella spp, E.coli, and Enterococcus spp.