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#2182X-ray Focusing System

New Generation of X-ray Focusing System for Advanced Technologies and Basic Research

#2657Superconducting Molecular Electronics and Molecular Spintronics

Development of Superconducting and Magnetic Molecular Devices Based on Carbon Nanotubes and DNA Molecules

#2760Correlation of Nanotubes Parameters

Correlation of Electron Properties of Individual Carbon Nanotubes, Atomic Structure and Parameters of Catalytic Synthesis

#2881Sensors for Measuring Magnetic Fields

Controllable Magnetosensitive Sensors Intended for Operation in Extreme Physical Fields

#2941Metal-Oxide Superconductors

Structurally Perfect Metal-Oxide Superconductors of the Y-Ba-Cu-O System with Improved Superconducting Characteristics

#3127Superconducting Nanomaterials

Nanostructural Superconducting Metal-Oxide Materials

#3331Oxide Nanomaterials for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Oxide Nanomaterials for Lithium-Ion Batteries

#3357Oxide Nanostructures

Fabrication of Nanostructures on the Base of Oxides of Mixed Valence Metals and Investigation of their Structural, Magnetic and Electron Properties

#3506Submillimeter Detector Arrays

Arrays of Superconducting Direct Detectors for Supersensitive Imaging Radiometers of 1.0 – 0.2 mm Waveband Region

#3601Materials for Rechargeable Batteries

Development and Testing of Nanostructured Oxide Materials for Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries

#3673Broad-Band X-Ray Spectrograph

Broad-Band X-Ray Spectrograph Based on a Cylindrically Bending Multilayer Mirror with a Laterally Graded Period

#3800Fluorine Sensors Based on Superionic Conductors and Heterostructures

New Materials and Heterostructures for Conductometric Sensors of Fluorine and Hydrogen Fluoride

#3836Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Devices

Development of Technological Grounds for Creation of High Performance Single-Walled Nanotube Electronic Devices

#4056Onion-Like Carbon Nanoparticles Produced from Nanodiamonds

Investigation of Onion-Like Carbon Nanoparticles Produced from Nanodiamonds of Detonation Synthesis and Development of Composites with their Application

#A-1865Space and "Silicon-on-Insulator" Structure

Study of the Effect of Space Factors on the "Silicon-on-Insulator" Structure and Microelectronic Elements on Its Basis Using the Yerphi Facility Modeling the Space Exposure

#U-1500Nanosized and Thin Films Oxides Phosphors

New Nanosized and Thin Films Oxides Phosphors for Visualization and Emitting Flat Display