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#A-1757Antibacterial Effects of Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Peroxide

The Study of the Mechanisms of Carbon Dioxide-Induced Elevation of Hydrogen Peroxide Toxicity on Microbes and the Possibility of Using these Phenomena as an Innovative Tool for Water Purification

#A-326a aDegliCyclodextrins in Waste Treatment

Preparation and Use of Cyclodextrin Derivatives for Treatment of Radiation Polluted Wastes

#A-649Properties of Benzoquinazolines

Benzo[h]quinazolines: Chemical and Enzymatic Synthesis and Study

#A-654Enzymatic Reprocessing of Artichokes

Enzymatic Production of High-Value Products from Topinambur

#A-692Biocatalytic Synthesis of Fine Chemicals

Extremozymes: Biocatalytic Synthesis of Fine Chemicals