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#G-1277Coating Friction Knots

Development of Wear-Resistant and Ecologically Clean Methods of Coating of Friction Knots, Using the Raw Resources of the Region

#G-1652Nanocomposits for Modern Technique

Multifunctional Nanocomposits of High Power and Perfected Structure in Multicomponent Systems on the Basis of Sic, Si3N4, BN, B4C, Al2O3, TiC and C-Fiber for Different Fields of Technique

#G-2136Nanotechnologies for alternative energy sources

Creation of cheap efficient nanotechnologies for alternative energy sources

#G-2290New electric conducting and magnetic polymer composites

Creation and investigation of the new isotropic and graded electric conducting and magnetic polymer nanocomposites under conditions of mechanical, thermal, electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields

#G-2383Railway Transport Efficiency.

Perfection of The Traffic Safety, Ecological Compatibility and Efficiency of The Railway Transport by Development of The New Resource-saving Technology

#G-407Phase Transition for Heat Engines

Design and Creation of Heat Engines Working on the Basis of Phase Transitions in Solids and Using Nontraditional Sources of Heat Energy

#G-593Conductive Polymer Composites

Creation of New Conductive Polymer Composites Capable to Work in Extreme Conditions