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#0716Thymus Micro-environment

In Vitro Model of Thymuc Micro-environment. Interaction between Epithelial and Lymphoid Cells of the Human Thymus: Nature of Signals

#1054Technology of Myelopidum

Development of Technology of Production of Immunomodulating Pharmaceutical Myelopidum

#1880Alternative Forms of IL-4 Gene

Development of Technique for Diagnosis and Monitoring IL-4delta2, Being a Product of Natural Alternative Splicing of Human IL-4 Gene, in Norm and Pathology: Laboratory and Clinical Studies

#2217Lymphytropic Strain of Amoeba

Lymphotropic Strain of Acanthamoeba. Interactions of Amoeba and Human Cells in vitro and Consequences of Amoeba Penetration into a Thymus

#3759Synthetic Peptides for Allergovacines

Allergovacines Based on Synthetic Peptides Imitating Т- and В-Cell Epitopes of Allergen