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#0420Drug Delivery Systems

Development of the Technologies for Production of New Drug Delivery Systems.

#0421Drug Natural Proteins

Development of Technologies for Production of Drugs on the Base of Recombinant and Natural Proteins.

#0422Drug of Synthetic Peptides

Development of Technology for Production of Drugs and Diagnostics on the Base of Synthetic Peptides.

#0918Nuclear Nanofilters

Chemically Modified Nuclear Nano- and Ultrafilters: Structure and Selective Properties

#1038SELEX is Structure-Function Studies of Cytokines

Exploiting of SELEX Procedure in Structure-Function Studies of Recombinant Human Cytokines and Their Natural and Synthetic Antagonists in Order to Create Artificial Immunomodulating Medical Preparations

#1163New Bioinsecticide

Development of the Technology for Production of New Bioinsecticide and Aerosol Equipment for its Effective Utilization

#1434.2Organomineral Fertilizer as Powder Destruction Product

Research and Development of the Technology of Microbiological Degradation of Powder and Production of Organo-Mineral Fertilizer Based on the Destruction Products

#1490Preparations Labeled with Carbon-13

Creation of Stable Carbon-13 Isotope - Labeled Preparations and Their Application in Practical Medicine

#1706Bioactive Preparations Production by Lasers

Creation of Biologically Active Preparations by Laser Technologies

#1770Interleukin Local Therapy

Development of the Local Interleukin-1 Therapeutic Strategy and Study of the Mechanisms of Interleukin-1 Biological Activity after Local Application

#1899Genetic Variety of HIV

An Investigation of Genetic Variety of HIV in Russia and CIS Countries

#2458Polyimide Membranes for Ultrafiltration

Development of Thermally and Chemically Stable Polyimide Membranes and Hollow Fibers for Ultrafiltration

#2520UV radiation Effects on Pathogenic Microorganisms

Study of Modification Effects in Pathogenic Microorganisms Exposed to Near Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation (170-200 nm)

#2615Stress-Protector Peptides

Synthesis of Short Peptides with Corticotropin-Like Structure and Study of Their Stress-Protector Activity

#2882Host Resistance Against Infections

Effective Routes for Enhancement of Host Resistance Against Infections

#2905Purification of Liquid Radioactive Waste by Ultrafiltration

Development of the Method of Liquid Radioactive Waste Treatment with the Use of Micellary Enhanced Ultrafiltration

#3046Oral Influenza Vaccine

Experimental and Clinical Study of a Novel Oral Influenza Vaccine

#3737Diagnostics of Colorectal Cancer

Transcriptopmic and Proteomic Biomarkers Patterning for Early Differential Diagnosis, Prognosis and Monitoring of Colorectal Cancer

#3909Stomach Cancer Early Diagnosis

2D Proteomic Expression Analysis of Human Stomach Cancer: Selection of Serum Markers for Diagnosis and Prognosis