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#A-1288Coverings of open-air sports grounds

Method of the Device of Coverings of Open-Air Sports Grounds

#A-1315Perlite Articles without Binder

Development and Demonstration of an Industrial Technology of Obtaining High-Strength Lightweight Articles from Perlites without a Foreign Binder

#A-1478Fertilizer from Alumo-Silicate

Development of Method of Obtainment of Slow And Extended-Action Fertilizer from Alumo-Silicate Containing Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium Capable Absorbing Soluble Fertilizers with Steep Reduction of Their Losses

#A-1505Anticorrosive Enamel

New Anticorrosive Enamel with Complex of Unique Properties

#A-1513Diamond Microparticles Synthesis

Development of Cavitation Induced Technology of Graphite-To-Diamond Conversion

#A-1614Alumina Ceramic Composite

Mechanically Induced Activation of Al Powder in the Medium of Organic Solvents and Synthesis of Alumina Based Ceramic Composites

#A-2196Development of method for obtaining slow-action fertilizer from alumino-silicate.

Development of method for obtaining slow and extended-action fertilizer from alumino-silicate containing potassium, calcium, magnesium etc and capable of absorbing soluble fertilizers with steep reduction of their losses.

#A-2246Waste utilization for gaining new composite materials

Environmental protection through anthropogenic waste utilization for gaining new composite materials

#A-384Electrochemical Solar Energy Converter

Elaboration of Electrochemical Solar Energy Converter Incorporating Cadmium Selenide Semiconductor Developed Electrochemically

#A-412Perlite Bloating Technology

Bases of Perlite Rocks Bloating New Theory and Technology; Production of Light-Weight and Higth-Strength Products from Perlite without Using a Foreign Binder

#A-417Semiconductor Materials

Development of Polymeric Organic Metals and Stable Semiconductive Materials with Low Content of Structural Defects

#A-478Mechanical Impact on Chemical Reactions

Investigation of the Mechanisms of Solid Phase Chemical Reactions under Influence of Impulsive Mechanical and High Pressure and Deformation of Shifting

#A-540Thermal Shock Resisting Corundum Ceramics

The Development of the Thermal Shock Resistance Aluminum-Oxide Vacuum Tight Ceramics

#A-714Wollastonite and Jewelry Casting Blends

Wollastonite and Jewelry Casting Molds Blend Technology Development from g-tridymite and b-cristobalite Obtained by Low Temperature Technology

#A-887Bilayer Lipid Membranes for Light Converters

Bilayer Lipid Membrane Supported Novel Photoelectrochemical Converter for Light Trapping