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#A-1134Fusible Glasses on the Basis of Boron-Phosphate Systems

Fusible, Environmentally Sound Glasses, Seal Glasses and Glass Frits on the Basis of Boron-Phosphate Systems

#A-1357Glass-Solders with Prescribed Properties

Designing and Synthesis of Glass-Solders with Prescribed Properties

#A-1403Super-Ionic Chalcogenide Glasses

Super-Ionic Conductors on the Basis of Multi-Component Chalcogenide Glasses

#A-1405High-Silicon Glasses and Coatings

Development of Coverings for High-Temperature (up to 1800 C) Protection of Construction Materials

#A-1486Nonlinear Oriented Tape Glass-Ceramics

New Generation Highly Effective Electro- and Light-Active Nonlinear Oriented Tape Glass-Ceramics on the Basis of Stoichiometric Three-Coordinated Borates

#A-1503Direct-heating Skull Furnace

Development of a Mathematical Model of a Direct-heating Skull Furnace for High-melting Glass Production

#A-1579High Thermal-Shock Resistant Ceramics

The Technology of Manufacturing of High Thermal-Shock Resistant Ceramics

#A-1591Lead Free Glass Frits and Ceramics

New Lead & Alkali Free Low Melting Sealing Glass Frits & Ceramic Fillers

#A-1702Electro-Melting of Special Glasses

Development of Electro-Melting Technique of Glasses Containing Volatile and Chemical Reducible Agents

#A-189Electromelting of Glasses

The Elaboration of the Compositions, Research of Physical-Chemical Properties and Working out the Electromelting Technology of the Highsiliceous Glasses in Direct Heating Garnisage Furnace

#A-1945Glasses for microelectronics

Development of Glasses and Compositions with Possible Low Content of High-Toxic Components for Microelectronics

#A-288New Types of Glass and Glass Ceramics

Alkaline-Earth Aluminum Borates as a Basis of Developing New Kinds of Glass Ceramics

#A-540Thermal Shock Resisting Corundum Ceramics

The Development of the Thermal Shock Resistance Aluminum-Oxide Vacuum Tight Ceramics

#A-703Sol-Gel Thin-Layer Coating

Sol-Gel Method as a Basic for Getting of New Classes of the Glassy, Glass-Ceramic Covering and Composition Materials

#A-771Quality Management System

Quality Management Systems Based upon ISO-9000 Standards in Enterprises of the Republic of Armenia Earlier Manufactured Military Products, with the Aim to Create Favorable Conditions for their Re-Profiling and Export Promotion of Civil Products

#A-952Rafaelites - New Multi-Purpose Glass Ceramics

Rafaelites - Basis for Developing of New Multi-Purpose Glass Ceramics

#A-955High-Silica Glasses and Coatings

Development of High-Silica Glasses and High-Temperature Coatings Based Thereon for the Oxidation Protection Used in Technics of High Temperatures