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#2531Effects of Ammonia and Heavy Metals on Heart, Brain and Intestine

Studies on the Effects of Ammonia, Heavy and Rare Metals on Animal Heart, Brain and Intestine in Order to Create Diagnostic Methods for Cardio-Vascular, Neurological and Gastro-Intestinal Diseases

#2599Plasma Neutrons Effects on Nervous System

The Study of Thermo-Nuclear Neutron Irradiation on the Structure of Synaptic Connections in the Central Nervous System of the Rat and Protective Opportunity of Hypothermia

#2930Early Diagnostics of Alzheimer’s Disease

Studies on the Enzymatic Protein Synthesis in Order to Create the Amplification Method for Beta-Amyloid Useful in the Laboratory Diagnostics of Alzheimer’s Disease

#3191Human Tissues Exposed to Heavy Metals

Research into the Mechanisms of Structural-functional Stability of Human Tissues Exposed to Heavy Metals

#3413Irradiated Solutions for Biotechnology

Study of Properties and Biological Activity of Electrochemical Activated Solutions, its Modification by Radiation Nanosecond Duration for Apply in Medicine and Biotechnologies