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#T-1105Cereal Crops in Tajikistan

Genome Analysis of Cereal Crops and Their Relatives in Tajikistan

#T-1231Monitoring of Ozone in Tajikistan

Monitoring of Ozone-Forming Gases in Air and Estimation of the Effect of Ozone on Plant Communities in Different Climatic Zones of Tajik Republic

#T-1525Food Safety in Tajikistan

Development of Modern Test System for Assessment of Quality and Safety of Food Crops and Food Products in Tajikistan

#T-1635Climate Сhange Influence on Wheat

Research of Influence Change of Climate on Growth, Development and Productivity Wheat in Tajikistan

#T-1897Genetically Modified Form of Wheat

Study the Physiology of Genetically Modified Wheat Forms and Grain Biochemistry in the Climate Change Conditions in Tajikistan

#T-1954Great Silk Road as a Target for Biological Threats

STPBT-TI - The Great Silk Road – as a Target for Biological Threats of the Global Food Supply Chain

#T-1978Pectin-Polyphenol Advanced Material

Pectic-oligosaccharides and its association with polyphenols for the development of bioactive advanced materials

#T-2039Healthy Food Additives

Healthy Food Additives from Plants Polyphenols & Oligosaccharides

#T-2148Functional Food Additives

Biological activities from plant oligosaccharides and their complexes with polyphenol

#T-2325Effect of global climate change to pests and diseases of potato

Pests and diseases of potato in the conditions of climate change in Central Asia

#T-2345Genetic and Antioxidant activities of fruits in Tajikistan

Genetic Variation and Antioxidant activities of non-processing fruits in Tajikistan

#T-2419Enhancement of effective measures for WMD non-proliferation and export control

Enhancement of effective measures for the WMD non-proliferation and export control, and their implementation through the Regional Training Center for WMD Nonproliferation and Export Control for countries of Central Asia, the Caucasus and Afghanistan