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#0536Preclinical Test of Immunocompounds

Organization and Performance of Preclinical Trails of Immunobiological Compounds According to GLP Requirements.

#1462New Immuno- and Neuromodulatory Peptides

Synthesis and Study of Novel Immuno- and Neuromodulatory Peptides, with Homologous "Hormone-Like" Sequences in Human Immunoglobulin G

#2161Genetic Ingeeniring of Crop Chloroplast Genome

Improvement of Economically Important Traits of Agricultural Crops by Foreign Gene Expression in Chloroplasts

#2615Stress-Protector Peptides

Synthesis of Short Peptides with Corticotropin-Like Structure and Study of Their Stress-Protector Activity

#2930Early Diagnostics of Alzheimer’s Disease

Studies on the Enzymatic Protein Synthesis in Order to Create the Amplification Method for Beta-Amyloid Useful in the Laboratory Diagnostics of Alzheimer’s Disease

#3299Component of Antiplague Molecular Vaccine

Y.pestis V Antigen - the Main Component of New Generation Antiplague Molecular Vaccine: Animal Studies of Positive and Negative Side Effects

#3336Antibacterial peptides

Synthesis and investigation of the peptides stimulating bactericidal activity of macrophages