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#B-1332Conformational Dynamics of Biomolecules

`Electronic Structure and Conformational Dynamics of Biologically Active Organic Compounds and Proteins Related to Developing New Diagnostic Express Methods for Biomedical Applications

#B-1640Transformation of Sugars into Nucleosides of Biological Importance

Chemo-Enzymatic Transformation of Sugars into Nucleosides of Biological Importance

#B-1693Apoptosis Destruction of Neoplastic Cells

Apoptosis Destruction of Neoplastic Cells Induced by the Free-Radical Transformation of Cerebrosides Into Ceramides at Photodynamic Therapy

#B-1830Glycolipids Against the HIV

Development of the Potential Drugs for AIDS Therapy: Glycolipids Against the HIV-1 gp120 V3 Loop

#B-1907Combined Hemosorbent

Development of the Combined Hemosorbent for Optimization of Treatment and Prophylaxis of Septic Pathology Caused by Gram-Negative Flora

#B-523Plant Hormones for Crops Improvement.

Synthesis and Comparative Study of Brassinosteroid plant Hormones and the Development of Measuring Equipment to Monitor Their Effects on Crop Yield and Quality