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#K-2318Bluetongue in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

Serological monitoring, typing and sequencing of the bluetongue virus in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia

#T-1175Anthracis in Tajikistan

Development of an Effective Method of Indication and Identification of Natural and Changed Variants Bacillus Anthracis from Soil and Carrying out of Complex Preventive Actions against the Anthracis in Tajikistan

#T-1594Murine Rodents in Central Tajikistan

Ecology-Episotologic Monitoring of Murine Rodents as Basis Carriers Parasitic and Infection Diseases in Central Tajikistan

#T-1608Agents of Tuberculosis in Tajikistan

The Microbiology and Molecular Genetics of Tuberculosis Germ and Monitoring Poly Resistance Strains of Mycobacterium Circulating in Tajikistan

#T-1613Sources of Leptospirosis in Tajikistan

To Study Epidemiological Situation and Etiological Structure of Leptospirosis’s Sources in the Republic of Tajikistan

#T-2083Biology Bar-headed Goose and spread of highly pathogenic virus

Ecology and Status of the Species and the Present Range of the Endemic of Cantral asia - Bar-headed Goose (Anser indicus) and its Role in the Spread of Highly Pathogenic Influenza and Newcastle Viruses

#T-2339Support of ecology safety and prevention of Antrax

Support of ecological safety and prevention of infection of people and animals from natural sources of the Antrax