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#0507Heat Resistant Fibers

Development of Structure and Fabrication Technology of Heat Resistant Fibrous Composites.

#1283New Materials for Surgery

New Materials for Surgery

#1298New Alloys for Nuclear Waste Handling

Development of Scientific Bases and Technological Aspects of Creation of New Generation Hard Deformation of Cr-Ni Staainless Steels with the High Contents Boron (1,0-1,9% of Weights) on the Basis of Principles of Metallurgy of Atomized Powders of an Alloy

#1322Ion Beams Surface Treatment

Treatment of Surface with Intense Ion Beams

#1453Electroslag Melting of Titanium Alloys

Technology of Magnetically-Controlled Electroslag Melting of High-Alloyed Titanium Alloys to Improve Their Service Life and Reliability in Civil Machine-Building Application

#2192Surface Treatment with Energy Pulses

Surface Treatment of Dental and Body Implants from Advanced Cytocompatible Materials by Concentrated Pulsed Fluxes of Energy

#3350Biological Surface-Active Substance

Development of biological preparation with surfactant activity