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#T-1086Meteor Showers

Meteor Showers as Indicators of Cometary Nature of Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs) and Physical Properties of Meteoroids

#T-1629Fireball Network in Tajikistan

Fireball Network in Tajikistan and Search for Near-Earth Objects Associated with Fireball Showers

#T-1847Meteorite-Dropping Meteoroids, its Orbits and Sources

Meteorite-Dropping Meteoroids, its Associations with Asteroids and Comets and Influence of Meteor Matter on the Upper Atmosphere

#T-1889Meteoric Matter in the Earth’s Atmosphere

Interaction of the Meteorite-Producing Meteoroids with the Earth’s Atmosphere and Influence of Meteoric Matter on the Ionospheric E-Region

#T-1932Meteorite-Dropping Bodies and Seismo-Ionospheric Effects

Atmospheric Researches of the Astrospace And Planetary Factors of the Occurrence of Natural Disasters on the Earth

#T-1970Large objects in meteoroid streams

Revelation of large objects or extinct comet nuclei in meteoroid streams

#T-1975Meteorite-Dropping Bolides

Complex photo, radar and seismic researches of the meteorite-dropping meteoroids and their fragments

#T-2070Dormant comets among the near-Earth asteroids

Search for the dormant comets among the near-Earth asteroids and detection of large meteoroids by the Tajikistan fireball network

#T-2113Optical and radar meteoroids

The optical and radar researches of the physical properties of the meteoroids of various mass

#T-2259Physical and dynamical features of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids to determine inactive comets

Investigation of physical and dynamical features of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids aimed at the determination of inactive comets among them