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#A-2123W-Cu Composite Nanomaterials

Combustion Synthesis and Characterization of W-Cu Composite Nanomaterials

#G-1096Industrial Explosives on the Basis of Utilized Ammunition

Development of Technology and Creation of Industrial Explosives on the Basis of the Utilized Ammunition

#G-1320Identification of Unauthorized Explosions

Development of Quick Identification System of Terrorist Explosions of Chemical Explosive Materials According to the Parameters of the Radiations’ Signals Accompanying the Process of Detonation

#G-136Shock-Wave Technology for Antifrictional Coatings

Elaboration of Technology for Shock-Wave Compacting of Carbon Containing Composition and Obtaining of Rigid Coatings on their Base

#G-1558Hydraulic Transport Systems

Development of the Methodology of the Calculation of the Effective Means of the Guarantee of Safe Operation of Main Hydraulic Transport Systems

#G-1674Seismic Safe Blasting Technologies

Development of Effective Technologies and Corresponding Software Package for Protection of Engineering Construction, Historical and Natural Monuments from Seismic Waves Caused by Industrial Explosions

#G-1739Environmentally Friendly Fire-Extinguishing Powders

Development of Novel Environmentally Friendly, Non-Halogen, Nontoxic, High-Efficiency Fire-Extinguishing Powders on the Basis of Clay Shales, Zeolites and Perlites

#G-1839Utilization of Extrinsic Charge Blasting Energy

Development of Blasting Operations Technology Based on Energy of Products of Explosive Compounds’ Extrinsic Charge Detonation Non-Engaging with an Exposed Object

#G-2209System for Protection from Explosions

Automated System for Protection from Accidental Explosions in Underground Structures

#G-354Composites for Nuclear Waste Storage

Development of Technology for Producing Multilayer Composite Materials Providing the Storage of Nuclear Power Engineering Waste and Nuclear Fuel (e.g. Plutonium etc.)

#G-602Explosive Welding of Plasma Chamber Cathodes

Development of Explosive Consolidation Technology for Producing Plasma Chamber Heat Stability Compound Cathodes

#G-603Hydrodynamic Processes in Pipelines

Developing New Means of Stabilization of Hydrodynamic Processes in Pipelines during Multiphase Hydroaeromixture Transportation

#G-762Structural Materials with High Absorbing Properties

Development of Technology for Obtaining Hard and Elastic Structural Materials with High Absorbing Properties for Neutron Irradiation Sources

#G-785Technology for Boron Nitride Producing

Development of New Effective Technology for Producing Cubic Boron Nitride

#G-786Rock Bumps, as Earthquake Model

The Development of a New Theory of Rock Bumps, as an Earthquake Model, and the Computation of their Dynamic Parameters

#G-818Safety of Aerial Ropeways

Developing Means and Methods on Increasing Safety of Aerial Ropeways

#G-911Pipeline Hydrotransport Durability

Development of Plasma Technology for Restoring Worn Surfaces of Hydraulic Transport System Equipment and Determining their Wear Resistance