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#0261Test on Gas Migration in Rock and Soil

Tests and Studies on Gas Migration in Rock and Soil for Geological Disposal of Radioactive Wastes.

#0262Geological Characteristics of Deep Drill Hole

Investigation and Evaluation of the Geological Characteristics of Deep Drill Hole in Russia for the Study of Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste.

#0704Nuclear Explosions Impact on Mining

Investigations of Underground Nuclear Explosions Impact on Natural Collectors, and Possibilities of Practical Utilization of Revealed Mechanisms in Mining Industry

#0793Rock Study for Waste Disposal

Experimental and Theoretical Study of Chemical and Physical Properties of Rocks as natural Barrier in Radioactive Waste Disposal

#0794Optimal Conditions for Waste Disposal

Study of State and Properties of the Continental Type of the Earth Crust in Russia with the Aim of the Defining the Optimal Conditions for Radioactive Waste Disposal (Based on Superdeep Wells and Deep Geophysical Surveys)