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#G-1352Sex-Pheromones for Monitoring of Agricultural Pests

Preparation and Application of Sex-Pheromones for Monitoring of the Principal Agricultural Pests in Georgia

#G-1431Sorbents for Oil Products

Development and Study of New High-Perfomance Hybrid Sorbents for Sorption of Oil Products from the Water Surface and Soil

#G-1599Fertilizers of Prolonged Action

New Generation Complex Fertilizers of Prolonged Action to Protect Environment from Pollution

#G-1736Bitumen Deposits of Georgia

Determination of Composition and Formation Conditions of Georgia National Bitumen

#G-1793Porous Materials

New Reinforced Hybrid Porous Materials for Multipurpose Application

#G-2178Prolonged Fertilizers

Innovative Technology for the Production of Ecologically Harmless Prolonged Fertilizers by the use of Microorganisms

#G-2194Prolonged Nitre

Development of Innovation Technology for Obtain of Prolonged Action Nitre

#G-588Decomposition of Liquid Rocket Fuel

Defusing of Liquid Rocket Fuel Useless Components

#G-619Electro-Membrane Technologies for Water Purification

Development of Electro-Membrane Technological Process and Fabrication of the Full-Scale Electrodialysis Plant for Obtaining Drinking Water from Mineralized Waters

#G-762Structural Materials with High Absorbing Properties

Development of Technology for Obtaining Hard and Elastic Structural Materials with High Absorbing Properties for Neutron Irradiation Sources

#G-957Ferric Hydrophosphate Against Infectious Diseases

Ferric Hydrophosphate – Preparation of New Generation Against Infectious Diseases

#G-997Extraction of Biologically Active Compounds from Plants

Elaboration of "Green Technology" for Extraction of Biologically Active Compounds from Plant Materials Using "Supercritical Liquid"