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#0127Drugs Synthesis for AIDS

Perspective in synthesis of new pharmaceutical compounds based on phosphilipids and nucleosides, possessing anti-HIV and immunoadjuvant activity, and investigation of their interaction with cellular membranes.

#1520Chemical Tularemia Vaccine

Development of a Chemical Tularemia Vaccine and Studying F. Tularensis Outer Membrane Components Responsible for Protective Immunity Formation

#2058Mechanisms of Bacterial Virulence

Modifying Enzymes as Molecular Determinants of Bacterium-Host Cell Interactions

#2203IS-Integrase of B.Pertussis

B. pertussis IS-Integrase: Characterization of DNA-Binding Sites and Site-Specific Recombination in E.coli

#2724Persistence and Pathogenicity of Mycoplasmas

Molecular Genetic Mechanisms of Mycoplasmic Persistence and Pathogenicity

#3417Correction of Stress-Inducted Immunodeficiencies

Production of substances featuring high anti-infectious and antitumor activity to be used for scientifically grounded correction of stress-induced immunodeficiency of persons being under extreme conditions

#3505Limited Efficacy of Antiherpetic Drugs

Study of the Nature of Limited Efficacy of Drugs Used for the Therapy of Diseases Caused by Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1

#3626Recombinant Subunit Tuberculosis Vaccines

Novel Recombinant Subunit Tuberculosis Vaccines: Cellulose Microparticles as an Adjuvant for Mycobacterial Antigens Fused with Cellulose-Binding Protein Domain

#3817Mathematical Models of Infection Deceases Epidemics

Development of Theoretical Basis for Mathematical and Computer Modeling of Infection Deceases Epidemics of Natural and Antropogenious Character

#3869Molecular Epidemiology and Molecular Biology of Enteric Yersinia

Molecular Epidemiology and Molecular Biology of Enteric Yersinia: Prevalence of a 37.5 kb DNA Segment Contributing to Pathogenicity of Yersinia Strains

#3873Live Pertussis Vaccine

The Recombinant Bordetella Pertussis Bacteria - Live Vaccine and Bacterial Vector

#3907Genetic Variation of Pertussis Pathogene

Bordetella Pertussis Phase Variations Induced by Translocation of IS-Elements into Virulence Genes is a Proposed Mechanism for Microbial Adaptation