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#1632Solid Propellant Utilisation

Development of Physicochemical Principles and Technology for Utilisation of Large-Scale Composite Solid Rocket Propellant Charges

#2358Ecological Evaluation of Solid Propellant Firing

Development of Methods for Evaluation and Diminishing Ecological Hazards upon Open Firing Large Scale Solid Propellant Charges

#2383Wastes Treatment in Supercritical Water

Development of ecologically pure technology for effective and safely treatment and destruction of organic and inorganic materials and hazardous wastes in supercritical water

#3285Destruction of Organic Wastes in Supercritical Water

Development of Fundamental Basics and Principles of Designing a Universal Mobile Plant for Oxidation of Toxic, Hazardous Organic Wastes and Energetic Materials in Supercritical Water

#3302Impulse Water-Aerosol Fire Extinguisher

Development of Pulse Water-Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Means on the Basis Environment Safe Low-Temperature Unitary Gas Generators