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#0972Electrochemical Regenerator for Artificial Kidney

The Study of Concept, Development and Investigation of the Unit of Electrochemical Regeneration of Dialysing Solution for "Artificial Kidney"

#1245Plutonium-238 Power Source

Development of Plutonium-238 Small-Sized Low Power Radiation Safe Thermal and Electric Radio nuclide Power Sources Intended for Use During Long Space Flights Aimed at the Investigation of the Outer Planets and Small Bodies of the Solar System

#1583Portable Radiation Monitor

Research and Development of Hand-Held Radiation Monitor to Detect Special Nuclear Materials

#2422Anti-Bedsore Systems

Developing and Fabricating the System for Adequate Preventing and Healing Bedsores, Muscular Contractures, Conjection Bronchial-Pulmonary Complications