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#A-1017Radiomodifying and Antioxidant Plant Composites

Plant Composites from Specimens of Southern Caucasian Flora as Radiomodifying and Antioxidant Agents

#A-2232Possibilities of application of Bacillus thuringiensis melanin

Biologically active water-soluble Bacillus thuringiensis melanin: phytostimulating and neuroregenerative properties, possibilities of its practical application.

#G-1072Selection of Effective Nitrogen Fixing Microorganisms

Selection of Effective Nitrogen Fixing Microorganisms Isolated from Different Soil-Climatic Zones of the Caucasus for Bio-Fertilizers

#G-1129Bacteriophage Against Plant Diseases

Bacteriophage, an Effective Biological Tool Against Plant Diseases Caused by Pathogenic Bacteria

#G-1408Phytoremediation of Chemical Explosives

Creation of a Novel Complex Phytoremediation Technology for Rehabilitation of Soils and Waters Polluted with Explosives

#G-1624Bioprocess for Fuel Ethanol

Development of a Novel, Cost-Effective Bioprocess for Production of Fuel Ethanol from Herbaceous Lignocellulosic Wastes

#G-1769Highly Alkaline Protease

Selection of Highly Alkaline Protease Producer Actinomycetes Strain, Isolation and Characterization of the Enzyme, Cloning and Expression of its Gene

#G-718New Strategy of Phytoremediation

Elaboration of a New Strategy of Phytoremediation and Long-Term Protection of the Environment Polluted by Hydrocarbons

#G-721Adaptogenic Properties of Glycosides

Study of Adaptogenic Properties of Steroid and Triterpenoid Glycosides of Plant Origin for the Purpose of their Application in Forestry and Agriculture

#G-722Ecotoxicants and Plants

Study of Organic Ecotoxicant Action on Plant Genetic and Protein Synthesizing Systems

#G-752Carcinogenic Compounds and Plant Reproduction

The Influence of Carcinogenic Compounds and their Metabolites on Plant Reproduction

#G-777Monitoring of Pesticides Residues and their Ecological Safety

Monitoring of Pesticides in Georgia, their Biotransformation in the Environment and Organization of Eco-Educational Measures Among Population

#G-796Nitrogen Fixers and Bioremediation

Creation of the Collection of Microorganisms, Isolated from Different Soil-Climatic Zones of the Caucasus, Possesing of High Nitrogen-fixing and Detoxificational Activities

#G-917Agricultures' Protection from Phytoterrorism

Ecologically Safe Technology of Agricultures’ Protection from Phyto-terrorist Action via the Unique Representatives of the Caucasian Flora

#G-983Systemic Acquired Resistance in Conifers

Mechanism of Induction of Systemic Acquired Resistance in Conifers by Saponin-Bound 3- Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaric Acid