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#0417Space Monitoring of Earthquake Precursors

Development of Set of On-board Instrumentation for a Space-based Experimental Study of the Electromagnetic and Plasma Earthquake Precursors

#0417-2Seismo-Electromagnetic Phenomena

Feasibility Study of Seismo-Electromagnetic Phenomena Using Satellite Observations

#1210Solid-Fuel Power Unit

Independent Solid-Fuel Power Supply System (10 kW Electric Power and 30 to 50 kW Thermal Power)

#1364Remote Sensing of Earth from Space

Methodological Substantiation for New Generation Space Systems of Remote Sensing of the Earth

#1365Pulsing Inhaler

Creation of the Haloinhaler for Therapy of Inflammatory Diseases of Respiratory Tract, Designated as Pipsa (The Pulsing Inhaler of Potassium Saline Aerosol)

#2697Healthful Inhaler

Technology for the Prototype of the Healthful Inhaler on the Basis of Dry Granular Substances

#2956Gyroplane for Ecologic Monitoring

Creation of Remotely Controlled Complex (RCC) Basing on the Gyroplane Developing for Ecologic Monitoring