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#0036Space Thermal Protection

Development of thermal protection systems for interplanetary flight.

#0265Neutralization of Toxic Substances Using Rocket Technology

Adaptation of High-Temperature Rocket Technology of Detoxification of Supertoxic Materials.

#0308Proton and Electron Flow on Space Vehicles

Prediction of an Indicatrix of an Earth Natural Radiation Proton and Electron Flow on Surface of Orbital Space Vehicles.

#0322Excimer UV-Radiation Source

On the Creation of a Continuous Narrow-Band Plasma-Chemical Excimer UV-light Source of 0.1- Okw Power.

#0395Calculation for Laser Processing

Radiation Gasdynamic and Thermal-Mechanical Investigation on Optimizing of Technological Quantum Optical Generators (QOG) Parameters.

#0418Tropical Disturbances Investigations

Development of Engineering Proposal to Create Rocket and Space Complexes on the Base of Decommissioned Ballistic Missiles for Carrying Out Tropical Cyclones Research.

#0469Flying Vehicle Drag Reduction

Development of a New Technology for the Reduction of Vehicle Drag.

#0474Holographic Distrometry

Holographic Distrometry. Holographic Methods and Means for Measurement of Small Particles Parameters in High-speed Two-phase Flows

#0485Ground Aerospace Vehicles Testing

Development of Superhigh Pressure and Temperature Power System for Gasdynamic Investigation.

#0579Reduction of the Nitric Oxides Emission

Development of Methods for Nitric Oxides Emission Reduction in the Process of Natural Gas Combustion.

#0790Integrated System for Ecological Monitoring

Perfection of Methodology and Development of Optimal Technique for Multilevel Ecological Monitoring Based on Integrated Use of Manned Spacecraft, Aircraft and Ground-based Means for Geoinformation

#0856Electromagnetic Stimulation of Atomic Processes

Electromagnetic Stimulation of Collective Atomic and Nuclear Processes in Laser Produced Plasma

#0864Low-Orbit Satellite Communications

New Generation Global Low-Earth-Orbit Satellite Communications: Concept Definition and Development of Scientific-Technical and Technological Fundamentals

#1042Space System for Controlling Emergency Situations on the Earth

Space Technology for the Centralized Emergency Control. (Monitoring of Nuclear Power Facilities for the Normal Operation and Emergency; Monitoring of the Nuclear Sites' Influence on the Radiation Situation and Other Ecological Factors).

#1173Self Guided Platform

Development of Universal Self-Guided Platform for the Automation of the Assembly Work on the Earth and in Space

#1384Air-Space Images Interpretation

Development of the Processing Schemes, Algorithms and Software for Automated Recognition and Interpretation of Multizone Air-Space Images to Solve a Wide Range of Thematic Problems

#1549Aerothermoballistics Problems in Interplanetary Mission

Problems of Aerothermoballistics, Radiation Gasdynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer for Planet Sample Return Missions

#1568Super Toxic Agents Neutralization Technology

Adaptation of the High-temperature Rocket Technology of Neutralization of Super Toxic Agents to Mobile and Stationary Complexes (Introduction of the Results of ISTC Project #265)

#1692Solar Energy Concentration

Development of the Concept of Ecologically Safe Energy System Based on Solar Energy Concentrated from Space

#1875Effect of Highly Turbulent Plasmoids on Radio Communications

The Influence of Highly Turbulent Plasma Formations in the Earth Environment on Propagation and Information Parameters of Radio Signals Used for Communication with Space Missiles and for Monitoring their Movement

#1917Shield Protection for Spacecraft

Development of the Design Technology of the Lightweight Shielding Protection for the Pressurized Hulls of Spacecraft and its Theoretical, Experimental and Computational Justification

#1973Catastrophes Prediction Complex

The Development of an Equipment to Predict Regions and Dates of Nature Catastrophes (Earthquakes, Typhoons, Tsunami, etc.) Using Research of Ion Plasma Beam Dynamics in the Ion Sphere of the Earth

#2128Meteorite Protection of Spacecrafts

The Development and Creation of Unified Shielding Construction for the Protection of Spacecraft from Meteoroid and Space Debris Impacts

#2155Oriented Nuclei in Laser-Produced Plasmas

Energetics of Oriented Nuclei in Laser-Produced Plasmas

#2341Automated Optical Registration System

The Elaboration and Design of an Automatic System for Recording and Processing the Optical Images of Gasdynamic Processes

#2346Personal locator radiobeacons application in extreme situations

The Global subsystem of increasing personal defense in extreme situations - “RODONIT”

#2743Micro-Accelerations on Manned Space Complexes

Development and Manufacturing of the Automatic System for the Measurement of Micro-Accelerations on Manned Space Complexes

#2793Cosmophysical Factors and Radioactivity

Experimental Investigations of Dependence of Radioactive Decay Characteristics and Changes in Crystalline Structures from Cosmophysical Factors

#2917Pinch-Effect in Laser Produced Plasma

Pinch-Effect in Laser Produced Plasma

#3026Material Processing Using Supersonic Heterogeneous Jet Flow

The Material Processing with the Two-Phase Jet Flow. (The Study of the Supersonic Two-Phase Jet Flow with the Aim to Intensify the Material Processing)

#3314Fragmentation of Small-Scale Space Bodies

Determination of Fragmentation Conditions and Parameters for Small-Scale Space Bodies Experiencing Action of Kinetic Bodies

#3710Neutron-Free Fusion Reactions in Laser Plasma

Neutron-Free Fusion Reactions in Laser Plasma