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#0396Microwave Environmental Monitoring

Development of the Millimeter Wave Complex, Intended for Environmental Control of Nuclear, Chemical and Power Production Facilities.

#0950Ionosphere Lighting

Investigation of Lighting Discharges Directed to the Ionosphere

#1138Ozone Sensor for Aerological Measurements

Elaboration of the Semiconductor Sensor Ozonesondes for the Aerological Measurements of the Ozone Vertical Distribution

#1619Ozone in Siberia Region

Survey of Ozone in Eastern Siberia. Instrument Development and Observations

#3093Balloon Research of Processes in Stratosphere

Balloon Research in the Stratosphere for Study of Chemical and Dynamical Processes Influencing the Climate Change and for Validation of Satellite Observations

#3095Stratosphere-Troposphere Research

Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange in Extratropical Regions: Observation and Analysis

#4055Water Vapour Transport Mechanisms

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Water Vapour Transport Mechanisms at the Tropical Tropopause