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#G-1025Decorporators of Radionuclides

Development of Chelating Agents from Natural Sources for the Decorporation of Radionuclides

#G-1038Chronic Heart Failure

Management of the Chronic Heart Failure: Elaboration and Development of the New Method

#G-1042Regeneration of Georgian Geothermal Fields

Modeling the Processes of Regeneration Georgian Geothermal Fields Using the Geothermal Circulation Systems

#G-870Aerosols in the Stratosphere and Mesosphere

Stratified Altitudinal Distribution of Aerosol in the Stratosphere and Mesosphere

#G-902Bioterrorism Models

Optimization of Data on the Population affected by Bio-Terrorism through Modeling

#G-956Agricultural Biopreparation with Double Effect

Elaboration of Production of New Generation’s Biopreparations Promoting the Rise of Ecologically Pure Harvest, Effective Protection from the External Stresses, Phytopatogrens and Pest-Insects

#G-957Ferric Hydrophosphate Against Infectious Diseases

Ferric Hydrophosphate – Preparation of New Generation Against Infectious Diseases

#G-975Genetic Determination of H.Pylori Virulence Factors

Etiology, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Clinical Gastro Duodenal Diseases in the Caucasus Region