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#B-212Optical Cell Tomography

Three Dimensional Computer Tomography of Living Nerve Fibers Based on Dynamic Following and Coherent Optical Processing of Information

#B-558Recycling of Catalysts Containing Metals

Development of Ecologically Pure Processes for Metal-Containing Catalysts Processing of Chemical Enterprises and Mastering of the Alloys Production on their Base

#B-641Operational Monitoring of Blade Machines

Development of Procedure and Tools of Monitoring of Engineering Parameters of Blade Machines During their Operation

#B-648Recovery of the Complexing Agent from Radioactive Waste

Researches of Methods and Development of the Technology for Recovery of the Complexing Agent – Oxalic Acid from Used Radioactive Decontamination Solutions

#B-671Vertical Conveying of High-Viscous Solutions

Development and Demonstration of Technology and Plant Prototype for Vertical Conveying of High-Viscous Mortars on an Air Cushion

#B-685Manufacturing of Ceramic-Polymeric Materials

Technology Development and Pilot Unit Engineering for Deriving of Dielectric and Electro-Conducting Ceramic-Polymer Materials with Optimum Properties and Articles from them for Electronics and Heat Engineering

#B-694Heat Treatment for Simulating "Damask Steel"

Development of Cost-effective Chemical Thermo-cycling Treatment Technologies of Steel Tools for Attaining Properties of Damask Steel (Combination of High Hardness, Strength and Toughness)

#B-914Applied Theory of the Spinor Field

Mathematical Modeling the Momentum Continuum Media and the Spinor Field Flux Optimal Control