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#B-023Human Activity Accidents Simulation

Mathematical Simulation of Natural and Human Activity Accidents and their Influences on Environmental Conditions and Ecology.

#B-095Digital Signal Processing

Theory and Methods of Discrete Dynamic Systems in Digital Signal Processing Application.

#B-1206New Antiviral Agents

Development of Effective Antiviral Agents of a New Type

#B-1274Context Search of Biomedical Images

Development of Methods for Analysis, Indexing and Search of Biomedical Images in Cardiology

#B-1375Analysis of Audio Documents

Development of Methods for Analysis, Indexing and Search of Audio Documents in Multimedia Databases

#B-1877Plant Productivity Monitoring

An automated System and Special Software for Monitoring Productivity of Higher Plants, and the Information Technologies for Ecology and Agriculture, on the Basis of this Technique

#B-269High Voltage Transistor with Isolated Gate

Design and Organization of Production for a Series of Power-Voltage Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT)

#B-477Self-Organization Processes in Ecological Applications

Development of Self-Organization Methods in Complex Systems for Exploring Problems of Physical Structure Formation and Signal Recognition in Ecological Monitoring Tasks

#B-626Tunable Source of Monochromatic X-Rays

Creation of the Experimental Model for the Tunable Source of Monochromatic X-radiation and Development of its Applications for Various Forms of X-ray Analysis

#B-640Biological Activity of Chemical Pollutants

Developing a System for Determination and Prediction of the Biological Activity of Chemical Compounds and Ensuring an Environmental and Chemical Safety on the Territory of the Republic of Belarus

#B-642Models of Regulatory Processes in a Living Cell

Mathematical Models and Software Development for Investigation of Regulatory Processes in a Living Cell

#B-705Methods and algorithms of digital processing of biomedical signals

Development of Biomedical Signals Processing Methods, Algorithms and Software for Diagnostics of Cardiovascular and Speech Production Organs Diseases

#B-860Test of Covariant Ether Theories

Test of Covariant Ether Theories by Nuclear Resonant Scattering of Synchrotron Radiation

#B-932Creation of New Antiviral Agents

Creation of New Antiviral Agents on the Basis of Substances Controlling Free-Radical Processes in Biosystems

#B-984Effective Novel HIV Inhibitors

A Search for Effective Novel HIV Inhibitors Based on the Polydisulfide Class Compounds