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#B-1039Disperse Composite Ti-Base Materials

Studies and Development of Innovative Technology for Obtainment of Disperse Composite Powder Ti (Ti-W)-Base Materials Used in Various Welding / Protective Coating Applications, with Use of Gas-Thermal Synthesis, Mechanical Activation and SHS

#B-277Thermal Synthesis of Alloys from Scrap

Investigations and Elaboration of Technology for Gas-Thermal Synthesis of Refractory Alloys from Scrap and Military Conversion Raw Materials

#B-300Computer Analysis in Radiography of Welds

Computer Analysis of Radiographic Images of Welds

#B-557Thermo-Diffusion Zinc Coatings

Investigations of Phenomena of Structure Formation and Phase Composition of Zn-Coatings and Their Effect on Anticorrosive Properties of Articles, to Elaborate Technology for Thermo-Diffusion Sherardizing with Use of Secondary Military Conversion Materials