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#B-1399The Relapse Prediction in Childhood Acute Leukemia

Data Analysis and Modeling the Relapse Predict for Children with Acute Leukemias Based on Prognostic Risk Factors to Enforce Efficacy of Therapy

#B-1489Diagnostics of Tumors in Children

Automatization of Diagnostics and Prognosis of Mediastinal and Retroperitoneal Tumors in Children Based on Analysis of Radiological Images

#B-1665Information System for Immunodeficiency Diagnostics

Development of Public Healthcare Information System for Diagnostics of Primary Immunodeficiency

#B-1910Pediatric Cancer Epidemiology and Survival

Epidemiological Analysis of Pediatric Cancer Based on Spatio-Temporal Clustering of Incidence and Mortality for Survival Improvement within the Long-Term Post-Chernobyl Period

#B-522Computer System for Leukemia Therapy

Development of the Computer-Based System for Prognostic Risk Factors Analysis to Select Adequate Therapy of Childhood Acute Leukemias

#B-736Childhood Visualized Cancer-Registry

Development and Demonstration of the Methodology and Information Technology for Making the Diagnosis of Childhood Cancer on the Basis of the Visualized Findings of the Primary Diagnostic Complex