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#1577Molybdenum Compounds

Synthesis of Molybdenum Compounds and Molybdenum Sulphide Nanoparticles and Influence of their Structure on Tribological Properties

#1984Membrane Catalytic Reactor for Spent Fusion Fuel

Development of a Membrane Catalytic Reactor for Recovery of a Spent T-D Mixture of Fusion Facilities

#2126Disposal of Elemental-Organic Wastes

Development of New Ecologically-Safe Methods for Disposal of Elemental-Organic Wastes which Can Produce the Solid Phase During the Burning Process

#2141Membrane Ozonation of Waste Waters

Ozone Pertraction through Non-Porous Polymeric Membranes for Efficient and Energy Saving Treatment of Waste Waters and Disinfection of Drinking Water

#2406Membrane-Microwave Complex for Destruction of Toxic Organic Chemicals

Development of Membrane-Sorption Microwave Complex for Destruction of High-Stable Toxic Organic Chemicals

#2892Membranes for Transdermal Drug Delivery

Development of Artificial Membranes to be Used in Medicine and Human Ecology Based on the Imitation of Drug Transdermal Delivery Processes

#3168Materials with Antiseptic Protection

Recycling the Solid Industrial and Household Wastes to the New Family of Composite Materials with Antiseptic Protection

#3238Polymer-Diamond Nanocomposites

Polymer Composite Materials Reinforced with Diamonds Nanoparticles

#3562Generation, Modeling and Diagnostics of Microwave Plasma

Development of New Methods of Generation, Modeling and Diagnostics of Nonequilibrium Microwave Plasma in Molecular Gases