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#A-1079Swine Ascariasis in Armenia

The Problem of Swine Ascariasis in Republic of Armenia and Fight and Prophylactic Measures Against it

#A-1402Pigment Pasts

Development of Pigment Pastes and Coating Paints on the Base of Mineral Pigments of Armenia

#A-1442Antibiotic resistance genes

Antibiotic resistance gene pool estimation through metagenomic approach

#A-1466Environmentally Safe Herbicides

Synthesis of the New Gramminicides and Development of the Environmentally Safe Herbicides on their Basis

#A-1478Fertilizer from Alumo-Silicate

Development of Method of Obtainment of Slow And Extended-Action Fertilizer from Alumo-Silicate Containing Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium Capable Absorbing Soluble Fertilizers with Steep Reduction of Their Losses

#A-1493Animal Cryptosporidiosis

Animal Cryptosporidiosis and Development of Efficacious Struggle Measures Against it

#A-1612Cryptosporidiosis and Probiotics

Animal Cryptosporidiosis and Development of Efficacious Probiotics Against It

#A-1716Dog Helminthiases in Armenia

The Problem of Dog Helminthiases and Development of Preventive Measures in Armenia as an Example

#A-1717Organic Farming in Sevan Basin

Development of Ecologically Pure Agro-Production Technology in the Sevan Basin

#A-1773Environmental Risk of Genetically Modified Crops

Assessment of the Food Safety Issues Related to Genetically Modified Crops in Armenia

#A-1826Soil Contamination by Parasites

Ecological Disasters and Soil Contamination by Infective Forms of Parasites

#A-1904Combined Solar and Biogas Plant

Development and Research of Combined Solar and Biogas Plant for Medical Waste Disposal

#A-370New Effective Pesticides

Development the New Effective Pesticides in the Series of Pyrimine and Sym-Triazine Derivatives

#A-826Low Frequency Field Effects on Industrial Microbes

The Molecular and Cellular Study of ELF EMF Effect on the Functional Activity and Biotechnological Properties of Industrial Microbes

#A-919Combine Energetic Installations for Use of Solar, Biogas and Wind Energy

Development of Concepts of Technical Decisions of Creation of the Combined Power Installations for Use of Alternative Energy Sources