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#0107Ultrashort Laser Pulses

Generation of ultrashort high power pulses in solid state lasers and implementation of these pulses for the investigation of the interaction of super-intense light field with matter.

#0108Pulse Compression Lasers (R)

High power solid state laser with pulse compression.

#0280Optical Tomography for Medicine

Development of the Instruments for Optical 3D-Intrascopy-Medical Optical Tomography.

#0929Energy Delivery Over Long Distances

Laser Beam Control by Means of Nonlinear and Coherent Optics Techniques

#0952PF-Excited CO2 Lasers

Research and Development of Multislab PF-Excited CO2 lasers for Material Processing


Physics and Technique of Nanometer Scale IC Element Formation Processes Based on the Interaction of Intensive EUV Radiation with Matter

#1242High-Power Subpicosecond Laser Applications

Applications of High-Power Subpicosecond Lasers For Basic Scientific Investigations, Technology, and Biomedicine

#1454Optical Barrier

Optical Barrier

#1555Optical Needles

Development of the Theory and Analysis of Applications of Ultra-Narrow Beams of High-Power Optical Radiation

#1801Laser Propulsion Systems

Study on Application Capability of Laser Propulsion in a Space

#2113Transport of Solar Power

Transport of Solar Power with the Use of Coherent Radiation. Experimental Modelling

#2592Laser Fullerene-Oxygen Therapy BIOLOFT

Laser Fullerene-Oxygen Therapy

#3088Fullerene-Oxygen-Iodine Laser

Fullerene-Oxygen-Iodine Laser

#3857Extreme Ultra Violet Lithography

Key Technologies of Super-Resolution EUV Nanolithographic System Based on High-Effective Laser-Produced Plasma Source.