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#2316Calcium and Barium Fluoride Crystals for Microelectronics

Vapor Phase Growth of CaF2 and BaF2 Single Crystals

#2428Glassy Fertilizer

Glassy Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers of Prolonged Action

#2696Active Photonic Crystal Fibers

Active Photonic Crystal Fibers at Optical Wavelengths Made from Multicomponent Glasses

#2961Biometric System to Control Access to Nuclear Facilities

Development and Investigation of Biometric System Aimed to Control Access to Nuclear Facilities and Provide Personnel Identification and Radiation Exposure Survey

#3333Fast Scintillators

Development of High Speed Scintillators for Medical Tomography

#3683Photonic Crystal Fibers

Development of Photonic Crystal Structures and Fibers Based on Quartz Glass

#3984Adaptive Glazing

Adaptive Thermochromic Energy Saving Glazing of Buildings

#B-1235Nanocrystalline fibers and waveguides

Novel Multifunctional Nanocrystalline Glass Ceramic Materials for Infrared Optoelectronics