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#0149Laser Dental Driller

Conversion of military IR technique to medical laser technology for dentistry.

#0172New Approach to Laser Diagnostics

New Approach to Laser Diagnostics (LIDAR and LII techniques).

#0385Space Patrol of Solar Radiation

Creation of the Permanent Space Patrol of Solar EUV and X-ray Radiation.

#0385-2Space Patrol of Solar Radiation

Creation of a Permanent Space Patrol of Solar Extrime Ultraviolet and X-ray Radiation

#0392Luminescent Ceramics for Medicine

Luminescent Optical Ceramics for X-Ray Medical Technology.

#0392-2Optical Ceramics

Luminescent Optical Ceramics for X-rays Medical Techniques

#0474Holographic Distrometry

Holographic Distrometry. Holographic Methods and Means for Measurement of Small Particles Parameters in High-speed Two-phase Flows

#0519Radioactive Influence on Health

Radionuclide Pollution of the Environment and the Population Health.

#0601Irradiated Fiber Optics

Investigation of Fiber Optic Properties in the Strong Radiation Fields

#0638Zinc and Cadmium Chalcogenides

Development of the Environmentally Safe Manufacture Technology of Crystalline Materials Based on Zinc and Cadmium Chalcogenides for IR Opto-electronics

#0638-2Zinc and Cadmium Chalcogenides

Development of the Environmentally Safe Manufacture Technology of Crystalline Materials Based on Zinc and Cadmium Chalcogenides for IR Opto-electronics

#0666Laser Bullets

Laser Bullets

#0762Photochromic Glass for Ophthalmology

New Photochromic Glass for Ophthalmology

#0937Working Dental Laser

Small-sized 3-mcm Dental Laser

#0979Electrooptic Glasses

Electrooptic Glasses for Information Transmitting and Processing Systems

#1026Polarisation and Propagation of Light

Theoretical and Experimental Study of Physical Effects Concerned with Interaction between Polarization and Propagation of Light

#1240Optical Method for Remote Monitoring

Development of the Optical Method of the Remote Ragistration of Radioactive Air Ejections

#1378Ultraviolet Radiation Source

High Power Ultraviolet Sources

#1523X-Ray Spectrometer for Space Solar Patrol

Creation of the X-Ray Spectrometer for Permanent Space Solar Patrol

#2136Cadmium Fluoride for Optics and Optoelectronics

New Prospective Materials Based on Wide-Gap Ionic Semiconductor CdF2 for Emitters, Memory Cells, and Holographic Elements

#2274Characteristics of Upper Atmosphere

Development of Methods, Instrumentation and Models for Optical Monitoring of Atmospheric Trace Gases up to 110 km and Study of Their Trend Characteristics

#2500Calibration of the Space Solar Patrol

Calibration of the Space Solar Patrol Apparatus at the Synchrotron Source

#2679Logical Element for Optical Supercomputer

Development and Implementation of Physical and Technological Principles of Logical Elements of All-Optical Computer with Ultra-High Speed and Minimized Thermal Losses

#2920Power-Meter for Soft X-Ray Radiation

Absolute Measuring Instrument of Power on the Basis of High-Temperature Superconducting Thermometer as the Primary Standard Detector for Soft X-Ray Synchrotron Radiation

#2971Photonic-Crystal Structures

Development of Inorganic High Silica Photonic-Crystal Structures

#3045Optical in Vivo Glucose Monitor

Developing 2D (Dual-Parameter) Methods and Means of Polarization Spectroscopy for Estimating Glucose Concentration in Vivo and Creating Artificial Pancreas

#3098Plasma Display and Excimer Lamps

High-Effective Methods of Investigation and Modelling of the Barrier Discharges for Optimization of Plasma Display Panels and Excimer Lamps

#3469Holographic Prism

Novel Optical Element – Holographic Prism Based on Fluorite Crystal with Quasi-Colloidal Color Сenters

#3531Passive Broad-Band Crystal Laser Shutter

Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Crystals, Activated by Vanadium Ions - New Promising Material for Passive Shutters of Lasers Emitting in Wide Spectral Range

#3588Fast Scintillators for Security Devices

Fast ZnS:Te based Scintillators for Customs Control and Security Systems

#3878Microwave Response of the Ionosphere

Microwave Response of the Ionosphere to the Solar Flares and Geomagnetic Storms and its Influence on the Weather and Climatic Phenomena

#3953Photosensitizers for Skin Diseases Therapy

Novel Porphyrinic Photosensitizers for Photodynamic Therapy of Oncological and Non- Oncological Skin Diseases

#3962Antiviral Properties of Excilamps

Study of Antiviral Properties of Excimer Light Sources

#4054Polychlorinated Biphenyls Destructions by Means of Excilamp

Investigations of Polychlorinated Biphenyls Destructions by Means of Excimer Lamps Emission

#B-678Optical Radiation Interaction with Planar Metal Nano-Structures

Complex Investigation of Low-Intensive Optical Radiation Interaction with Aspherical Metal Nanoparticles and Their Planar Structures Ordered in Various Manners